Ontario’s Alternative Renewable Fuels ‘Plus’ Research and Development Fund

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is supporting Ontario companies in their efforts to produce new biofuel technologies through this new small business grant. The focus of this fund is to:

  • Support the enhancement of the alternative renewable fuels industry and their products and processes;
  • Encourage agricultural value-added opportunities in industries in Ontario; and
  • Aid alternative renewable fuels and bio-based production facilities in Ontario to be a key part in new worldwide markets.

This government funding program provides financial support in the form of a grant. Interested applicants are required to write a letter of intent and submit it before the due date. The window for letter’s has closed for this year (2011), but will be opened again next year for more project ideas.

Who is Eligible for this Small Business Grant?

The Alternative Renewable Fuels ‘Plus’ Research and Development Fund is a discretionary, competitive research fund available to universities, research institutions, industry, governments, organizations or partnership networks.

Mentor Works Can Help

If you qualify for this grant and are interested in applying for the next available window, feel free to contact Mentor Works for support in your decision. We would be happy to assist you in your process. This program can also be combined with other government funding, so please browse our Research & Development grants section for more possible funding opportunities.

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