“Made in Ontario” Advanced Manufacturing R&D Challenge Program Overview

bigstock-aerospace-gears-and-chain-tit-38691868The $2-million “Made in Ontario” Advanced Manufacturing R&D Challenge is operated by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) in collaboration with Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Made in Ontario Advanced Manufacturing R&D Challenge Program -Focus

The Made in Ontario Advanced Manufacturing R&D Challenge aims to solve sector challenges and lead to increased productivity and commercialization resulting in economic benefits to program partners and the province of Ontario. This collaborative research and development program developed by OCE, CME, and NSERC will support 5-7 projects between Ontario companies and academic research partners for up to 2 years. There will be a focus on the manufacturing sector, and participating companies must be undertaking research and development in Ontario.

Government Grants for Collaborative Research and Development –Project Outcomes

This grants for Ontario businesses funding program will focus on creating commercialization of R&D output, resulting in significant economic benefit to Ontario, and developing of new commercial opportunity for industry partners.

“Made in Ontario” Government Funding for Manufacturers in Ontario –How Funding Works

OCE may provide up to $100,000 (including up to 35% overhead). The industry partner must provide cash AND in-kind matching (2:1). NSERC may match the industry cash and in-kind contributions up to $200,000 (not including overhead). Therefore, industry may leverage their R&D investments up to 3:1 (typical project size is $400,000).

See this chart for an example.

Gross Contribution


Institutions Overhead ($)

(35% example)

Net Contribution


NSERC CRD leverage


Industry Cash 100,000 26,000 74,000 74,000
Industry In-kind 100,000 0 100,000 74,000
Total Industry 200,000 26,000 174,000 148,000

Learn More about the Made in Ontario Funding for Manufacturers Program

Find out more about this Ontario business grants’ eligibility criteria and application process, or get started by contacting a Canadian government funding expert.


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