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bigstock-male-researcher-looking-throug-28019564Dane Svenson, Mitacs Communications Coordinator

Is your company looking for research and development leadership from an experienced researcher?  The Mitacs Elevate Research and Development Funding program is the ideal way to building in-house R&D capacity through long-term collaboration, while minimizing the impact on your budget.

Research and Development Funding through Mitacs

Mitacs is a non-profit organization that provides funding for research and development through connecting businesses with academic researchers from universities across Canada.  Thousands of companies have benefited from tapping the research expertise of top graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to streamline their business operations, work on product development or create new, innovative technologies.

Mitacs Elevate Funding for Research and Development

Mitacs Elevate connects Canadian companies with talented PhD graduates for a two year fellowship, during which they use their skills from academia to build in-house innovation and research capacity.

Benefits to the partner company include:

  • Knowledge transfer: Learn from the fellow’s practical and professional research skills
  • New ideas: A fresh approach and creative solutions to current research challenges
  • Cutting-edge facilities: A low-cost way to access the latest university-based lab equipment and research technologies
  • On site expertise: Fellows spend at least half their time on site with the company partner developing solutions to research challenges.  Remaining time is spent with a university faculty supervisor.
  • Future employee: The opportunity to evaluate a potential future employee over two years employee
  • No HR implications: Mitacs Elevate fellows are not employees and their awards are handled by the university.  There is no effect on the employee headcount
  • Open to all: Companies of any size or industry sector are eligible to apply

Mitacs Research and Development Funding Amount

All Mitacs Elevate partner companies receive generous financial leveraging on the funds they provide.  For every $1 of a partner organization’s $25,000 contribution, Mitacs provides $1.30 in matching funds for a total Canadian business grants funding of $57,500 per year.

This includes support for fellows, along with up to $7,500 for research costs, equipment, additional research personnel, conference travel and publishing costs.

The Mitacs Elevate Research and Development Funding Difference

Mitacs Elevate is the only postdoctoral fellowship in Canada that provides ongoing skills training.  Fellows spend two days per month in workshops focusing on leadership, project management, entrepreneurship, time management, communication and other critical business skills.  This professional development then directly benefits your company through enhanced ability and competency.

Learn More about Mitacs Research and Development Funding Options

If your business is looking for research and development leadership or to build long-term relations with an experienced postdoctoral research fellow, learn more by visiting the Mitacs Elevate website.  Or contact a Canadian government funding expert.

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