NOHFC Business Grants Ontario: Northern Ontario Internship Program

bigstock-Business-people-discuss-someth-38635612Are you searching for top talent for your northern Ontario business? A new small business grants for hiring program offers northern Ontario businesses up to 50% or $31,500 to eligible small to medium-sized businesses to hire a recent graduate for 52 weeks.

Ontario Business Grants for Hiring Interns through NOHFC: Program Focus

The program is offered through the Northern Ontario Heritage Foundation Corporation (NOHFC) and is called the Northern Ontario Internship Program.  This Ontario business grants program will provide significant benefits to Northern Ontario businesses. Hiring top talent is critical to business success and a generous wage subsidy like this one helps make this possible.

NOHFC Grants for Small Business in Ontario: Funding Details

Businesses can hire a recent graduate to work in a role related to their completed field of study. The role must be full-time and it must be a new position created within the company.  In return, businesses are expected to commit to daily supervision and training for the intern.

Government Grants for Small Business Ontario: Eligibility Criteria

The intern can be a graduate of at least a 3 year college or university program. The role must be their first job in their field after graduating.  Furthermore, the internship position must fit with one of the following priority areas of NOHFC:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Agriculture, aquaculture and food processing
  • Arts, culture and creative industries
  • Digital economy
  • Forestry and value-added forestry-related industries
  • Health sciences
  • Minerals sector and mining supply and services
  • Renewable energy and services
  • Tourism
  • Transportation, aviation and aerospace
  • Water technologies and services

Roles that are primarily retail or clerical are not eligible for funding under the Northern Ontario Internship Program.

Learn More about Ontario Small Business Grants for Businesses in Northern Ontario

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