NOHFC Northern Energy Program: Funding for Renewable Energy

alternative energy northThe Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) is a strong supporter of businesses and non-profit organizations located in the northern regions of Ontario. As mentioned in one of our previous articles on the NOHFC Northern Energy Fund, the organization has developed several Ontario small business funding programs that support a wide variety of company initiatives, including the implementation of innovative solutions to renewable energy generation and conservation.

Ontario Business Funding for Sustainability Improvements

The NOHFC Northern Energy Fund is categorized into two sub-programs offering government funding for business sustainability improvements regarding renewable energy planning, energy conservation and internal energy production. The programs can be separated as follows:

  • Renewable Energy Planning: Eligible businesses can receive financial compensation for up to 50% of their eligible project costs to a max of $100K for the technical and feasibility studies required to secure financing for renewable energy projects.
  • Internal Energy Generation Projects: Businesses can receive funding assistance towards internal energy generation projects up to 50% of the eligible projects costs to a max of $250K per project. Eligible project activities include those related to net metering projects as well.

Northern Ontario Government Funding Eligibility

Both of these programs are currently open for application from eligible candidates. Those who are interested in applying should first ensure that their projects fit the following criteria:

  • Projects through the Renewable Energy Planning component must establish a community partnership with a municipality and/or First Nation group in order to be considered eligible.
  • Projects must take place in Northern Ontario, in Stats Canada census regions north of Muskoka, Haliburton, and Renfrew.
  • Eligible project expenses can include capital and installation costs; however, NOHFC funding will not be applicable to operating, infrastructure, and retrofitting project costs.
  • Project’s total government assistance should not exceed 75% of the total project costs.

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