NOHFC: Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program for Start Ups

bigstock-Touch-pad-and-financial-Graphs-32535164The Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program is an Ontario small business funding grants program offered through The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC).

NOHFC Government Grants for Small Business Details

NOHFC offers small business grants of up to $125,000 or a maximum of 50% of start-up costs to entrepreneurs interested in starting a new, for-profit business in Northern Ontario. Applicants must provide a minimum investment of 10% of the start-up costs in cash. The remaining funding can come from other sources so long as the total Canadian government funding does not exceed 75% of the project costs. Funding from the Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program can pay for expenses such as capital costs for equipment and office furniture, marketing costs and leasehold improvements.

NOHFC Ontario Small Business Grants Success Stories

A dental practice in North Bay received Ontario government funding for business to help equip their office to become a modern hygiene clinic.

“It’s been absolutely great, because I know that my support comes from the community – I love giving back to them.” –Clinic owner

A Software developer from North Bay received NOFHC government funding for small business to all him to develop an administrative, web-based application that allows companies to store their human resources and financial information in an easy-to-read manner.

“If your business model is solid, the NOHFC can really help your company grow”

The owners of a Chocolate Factory in Sudbury received enough funding through NOHFC grants for small business in Ontario to purchase much needed new refrigeration equipment for their business.

“The NOHFC’s support freed-up cash for me to hire an additional staff member. Instead of training three people, I was able to squeeze in a fourth person so we could all learn the manufacturing process together.”

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Learn More about NOHFC Small Business Grants and Loans

There are millions of dollars in Canadian small business grants and business loans Ontario for healthy Canadian companies that are looking to grow while making a positive impact in the communities in which they operate.   If your business has been incorporated for at least two years and has a minimum of 15 employees then please contact a Canadian government funding expert for a free consultation.    Qualified businesses are also invited to attend a free Canadian government funding workshop.   And everyone is invited to sign up for our Canadian government funding weekly E-newsletter and to follow us on LinkedIn!

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