The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) is willing to support entrepreneurship opportunities across the North with up to $125,000 in Canadian Government funding per project via the Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program. This Ontario government funding program aims to mobilize motivated entrepreneurs in the North to secure a prosperous economy and foster long-term job creation.

Funding for Small Business Eligibility

The following are eligibility requirements for the Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program:

  • Proposed new business must operate full-time and result in job creation in Northern Ontario
  • Residents of Northern Ontario who plan to start their own for-profit business in the North
  • New venture cannot be an expansion of a similar business owned by the entrepreneur

Eligible costs for this Ontario government funding for business can include leasehold improvements, capital costs related to starting a new business and marketing costs totaling up to 20% of eligible project costs. The NOHFC may provide a conditional grant of up to 50% of eligible costs and not to exceed $125,000 per project. The entrepreneur must make a cash investment in the business of no less than 10% of the NOHFC’s conditional grant. Lastly, the NOHFC funding when combine with other provincial or federal government funding will not exceed 75% of eligible costs.

Further Investigate this Government Grants for Small Business Opportunity

Look to one of the following links to answer further questions you have regarding this small business government grants program:


Contact A Canadian Government Funding Expert

If you are interested in applying to one of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation’s (NOHFC) programs and would like to receive additional support and guidance, I strongly encourage you to contact Mentor Works, the Canadian Government Funding Experts. You can also sign up for one of our 60 Minute Government Funding Workshops or follow us on Twitter for current updates.

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13 August 2018 Reply

Hi my name is Norm
Im just wondering if you provide funding for opening up a taxi business. Please let me know or if you can direct me in the right area thanks in advance. Norm Dumoulin

15 August 2018 Reply

Hi Norm,

Unfortunately there is limited government funding for startups and service-based businesses. Your best approach is to reach out to your local Small Business Enterprise Centre:

25 March 2020 Reply

Hi there, I am purchasing my first business in NWO and am wondering if I am eligible for this grant as it is a pre-existing business, but new to me. Thanks.

25 March 2020 Reply

It’s possible that your business is already established and eligible for funding. We would need to know a bit more about it. Please feel free to fill out our contact form and we’ll be able to identify funding options from there.

18 June 2020 Reply

Good Afternoon, are bed and breakfasts/small restaurant eligible for the grant? We are potentially moving to the area to a house that has a bed and breakfast/lodge/restaurant attached and we are considering our options at the moment.

18 June 2020 Reply

Hi Jennifer – The funding agency that supported this program, NOHFC, has modified its funding programs since this blog was posted. The most similar program that’s available now is the NOHFC Small Business Start-up Projects. You can refer to the link above or contact NOHFC for more details on that program. All the best!

19 July 2020 Reply

I used to run a business out of my home. I eventually stopped working but kept the website and domain name in case I ever wanted to start again. Since the business has not generated any new revenue for well over 2 years, if I kept the same website, domain name and business name and opened up an actual store front, would it be considered a new business or would I have to completely ditch the name, number, website and domain? It was for computer servicing but I want the new one to be a full shop with computer and electronics servicing as well as sales of used electronics, games and such. I’ve been working on the website for a while to reflect the other services and products but will likely remake the entire website over again to make it a more responsive website that will resize for tablets and phones.

20 July 2020 Reply

Hi Blayne – In this case, it would be best to reach out to NOHFC directly to determine your best course of action if you were interested in this program. Please note that NOHFC now has a Small Business Start-up Projects funding program that might be a good fit for you.

7 August 2020 Reply

Hello, I am looking at starting up a small aviation charter based business in northern Ontario, would I be eligible for a grant through NOHFC? This business would be ran from a town in northern Ontario and work in areas northward.

10 August 2020 Reply

Thanks for the comment. As a startup, you have a wealth of Startup Resources available to you. NOHFC would be the most appropriate contact point to explore funding through their organization and you can reach out to them here: Contact NOHFC or 1-800-461-8329. All the best with your new business!

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