NOHFC Ontario Business Grants-Applied Research & Technology Development Projects

Canadian Government Grants and Loans for R&DThe Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) has new funding programs available to support the development of Northern Ontario’s businesses and economy. For companies involved in research and development efforts, the new Applied Research & Technology Development Projects funding program will be of significant interest. The NOHFC is interested in projects that are within the following sectors:

  • Natural resources
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Clean technology
  • Health sciences
  • The bio-economy
  • The digital economy

The projects proposed by applicants must fit within one of these priority areas and involve either direct R&D or early commercialization efforts.

NOHFC Grants for Small Businesses in Ontario’s North

A key focus of this NOHFC Ontario business grants program is to encourage industry collaboration with academia. For this reason, proposed projects should involve an industry/academic partnership. Although it isn’t a requirement for the Applied Research & Technology Development Projects funding program, NOHFC has indicated that they will prioritize collaborative projects that involve both industry and post-secondary entities.

NOHFC Government Business Grants –Eligible Expenses

Costs associated directly with the project’s research and development efforts or commercialization efforts are considered eligible project expenses:

  • Direct internal technical labour costs for up to one year of the project’s duration
  • Prototyping costs (engineering and design services and component purchase, fabrication and installation costs)
  • Product testing
  • Intellectual property protection costs

Small Business Government Grants through NOHFC –Ineligible Expenses

The following costs are not eligible expenses:

  • Land
  • Working capital
  • Administrative or other indirect operating costs
  • Business case or business plan development
  • Travel, accommodation and meeting costs
  • Office equipment and furnishings
  • Vehicles

NOHFC Ontario Government Grants Funding Details

Applied Research & Technology Development Projects business grants Ontario will be awarded as a conditional contribution to winning applicants. This government funding will support up to 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of $250,000. To learn more about this program and assess whether your project is a good fit, please contact Mentor Works‘ team of Canadian Government Funding Planners.

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  1. Dear Ryan,

    I am an assistant professor at the xxxxxxx Institute of Technology. I conduct research on technology startups and, specifically, I compare different government R&D grant programs around the world.

    I am now analyzing a policy that is implemented in Israel and that guarantees loans and grants to early-stage ventures on the condition that these ventures keep their manufacturing activities and know-how in Israel. In fact, the government imposes serious penalties on those startups that transfer either their manufacturing activities or their know-how overseas.

    Could you please tell me if Ontario imposes any restriction on the startups’ location of their manufacturing activities or on their know-how transfer?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Anna maria

    1. Hello Anna Maria,
      Thank you for stopping by our blog. I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

      I sent you a follow up via the email address you supplied me.

      Best Regards~

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