Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)

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BCIP is a competitive acquisition program from the Government of Canada, designed to help companies with innovative solutions obtain a first time purchaser of the solution.

Key Eligibility Factors for Participation in BCIP

In order to qualify to participate in the program, small and medium-sized businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a Canadian-based company
  • Must possess an innovation that is a significant advance on the current state-of-the-art in your market sector
  • Must own the innovative product or service’s IP
  • The product must consist of at least 80% Canadian-made resources
  • The product must not currently be generating revenue at the time of Proposal submission
  • Must receive interest from a government department(s)
  • Your innovation must improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the government department(s)

Standard and Military Components of BCIP

BCIP has announced that there will be two streams of applications and two streams of funding. The first they are calling the “Standard Component”. This mirrors prior Calls for Proposals with the following categories:

  • Enabling Technologies
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Safety and Security

The new “Military Component” has one category associated with it: Protecting the Soldier.

$22M Slated to be Awarded through Build in Canada Innovation Program

The Call for Proposals indicates that $22 million will be allocated through this phase of the BCIP program. $17 million will be awarded to projects under the “Standard Component” stream. $5 million will be awarded to projects under the “Military Component” Stream. One key point that your company should be aware of as you consider your proposal is that you may only submit your innovation to one of the two streams of funding, not both. Your company can submit multiple proposals for different innovations but not for the same innovation.

BCIP Support Services through Mentor Works

Mentor Works’ expertise in key proposal areas (listed below) offers small to medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to make submitting a response to a government Call for Proposal less onerous while improving your response’ chances of success.

  • Developing a Test Plan
  • Creating a Commercialization plan and marketing strategy
  • Planning an IP strategy
  • Understanding the budget request
  • Knowledge of government negotiations related to Calls for Proposals
  • The inside track on what the government wants to learn about your innovation.

Choose from one of the following in order to learn more about BCIP, its use, how to qualify, and how to get started on your application.

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