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The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) was originally created as an agency of the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry. The NOHFC works to develop the local economies of northern Ontario communities. For the NOHFC, Northern Ontario is defined as all areas North of, and including the districts of Parry Sound and Nipissing. The Enterprises North Job Creation Program offers small business grants and small business loans Ontario that aim to promote and stimulate economic development in Northern Ontario.  NOHFC believes that partnering with small and medium size businesses (SMEs) creates a stronger economy for Northern Ontario.

Ontario Government Grants for Small Businesses Eligibility

Small business loans and government grants for small business owners in Northern Ontario whose business is in one of the following sectors: Agriculture, Telecommunications, Forest Products, or Tourism that is either resource-based cultural adventure or nature based. Funding is available through Ontario small business grants and loans combinations up to a maximum of $1 million or 50% of the eligible costs associated with a project that results in job creation in Northern Ontario. The Ontario government funding can be put towards costs such as leasehold improvements, equipment, and capital construction costs that are part of a project resulting in job creation in Northern Ontario.

NOHFC Ontario Small Business Grants and Loans Success Stories

A Burk’s Falls technical machine shop received funding through the NOHFC Enterprise North Job Creation Program.

“From a skilled-tradesperson stand point, it’s very difficult for us to get good manufacturing experience here in Burk’s Falls…If we were to lay-off people that have been trained and are qualified ,only to try and hire new ones in another year, when the economy turned up, it would have been very challenging for us.” –Derek, business owner

Worried that the plant would be closed, a group of local farmers banded together and entered negotiations to purchase a cheese manufacturing plant just north of Thornloe.  With help from NOHFC they purchased the plan as well as new refrigerators and a purification system.

“We have our milk produced by northern Ontario producers who are very proud of the fact that some of their milk is processed locally and offered to the northern people.” –Plant General Manager

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