Ontario Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit for IT Roles

The Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit (ATTC) is a refundable tax credit for Canadian businesses employing apprentices in certain skilled trades. Many businesses are surprised to hear the potential applications of these tax credits for Information Technology (IT) positions within their organizations. This article looks to provide some additional information on the IT related positions which businesses are eligible to receive refundable tax credits through ATTC.

Overview of the Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit (ATTC)

The ATTC is a refundable tax credit that may be applicable to the salaries, wages, and other eligible expenses involved with the hiring and training of recognized apprentices. Corporations or businesses whose payrolls total $600k or more may be reimbursed for 35% of their eligible expenses while businesses with payrolls totalling $400k or less are entitled to the ATTC at 45%. Businesses may receive reimbursement for eligible expenses during first 48 months of an apprenticeship program up to a maximum of $10k per year per apprentice.

Eligible IT Apprenticeship Positions

The following list is comprised of a selection of recognized Information Technology (IT) apprenticeship programs eligible for reimbursement through the ATTC:

Technical Support Agent (Trade Code 634a)

Businesses are able to hire apprentices for their contact centres and technical support offices. These apprentices would provide information to clients’ remote communication regarding microcomputer hardware and application software, desktop and mobile platforms by determining and documenting problems and solutions.

(Apprentices require approximately 3,400 hrs of on the job training and 600 hrs of in-school training)

Information Technology Hardware Technician (Trade Code 634b)

Apprentices classified as IT Hardware Technicians are responsible for providing assistance to clients seeking information or support regarding installation or maintenance of new hardware, software, or networking components, and troubleshoot information systems.

(Apprentices require 6,420 hrs of on the job training as well as 2 blocks of in-school training lasting 12 and 9 weeks)

Information Technology Network Technician (Trade Code 634c)

IT Network Technicians are responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of local area network servers and client workstations. Apprentices will also be responsible for troubleshooting and documenting client issues with network information systems.

(Apprentices require 6,340 hrs of on the job training and 2 blocks of in-school training both lasting 12 weeks in length)

Inside Sales Agent (Trade Code 634d)

An apprentice looking to become an Inside Sales Agent will work through a company’s contact centre or technical support offices and provide clients with recommendations and information on the best products and services to meet their needs.

(Apprentices require 3,730 hrs of on the job training and 270 hrs of related theory training)

Customer Care Agent (Trade Code 634e)

Apprentices will work through a contact centre to provide support to the company’s sales division through client and customer care activities.

(Apprentices require 3,730 hrs of on the job training and 270 hrs of related theory training)

Additional Canadian Government Tax Credits and Wage Incentives

The Federal and Provincial Governments offer a number of additional Government Incentives for Hiring and Training Skilled Workers. Full use of these incentives could reimburse businesses with approximately $15k per successful apprenticeship in grants and refundable tax credits. Those interested in learning more about these programs or additional Canadian Government Grants and Wage Incentives are encouraged to fill out our Canadian Government Funding Contact Form or subscribe to our Weekly Canadian Business Funding E-Newsletter.

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