Obtain $1M Towards Chinese Business Partnership

The Ontario Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) have signed a very intriguing Memorandum of Understanding on Research and Innovation Cooperation (MOU) with the People’s Republic China. This Memorandum has many implications, one of them being very interesting to Ontario businesses looking to carry out business partnerships in China. The partnership program allows both countries to contribute funding towards a R&D partnership through a program called Ontario-China Research and Innovation Fund.

What Companies Are Eligible?

Companies interested in applying for this grant should have a clearly defined research project that will be the focus of the Chinese partnership. Also, both the Chinese partner and Ontario business must bring a unique skill, strength, or value to the table.

Ontario for-profit businesses will have to partner with Canadian universities, colleges, hospitals, and/or not for profit organizations in order to be eligible. Priority research fields of study include water-related technologies and neuroscience.

Funding Amount for Business Partnership

This research partnership will be supported by both the Chinese Government and Ontario Provincial Government. Funding can reach up to $500,000 for each party, totalling $1,000,000 in funding for the project’s duration.

Eligible costs include both direct costs, including salaries and benefits, facilities and equipment, management and administration, as well as indirect costs – the overhead costs of doing research.

Learn More & Apply Today

Either the Chinese partner or Canadian business can apply through their respective organizing bodies.

If you would like more information about this, and other government funding opportunities, please contact Mentor Works now.

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