Ontario Government Grants for Hiring Interns

Mitacs Enterprise Program

With a primary business focus on science, technical, engineering or math sectors, Mitacs is offering a new career development program called Enterprise Internships for iSTEM graduates and current Masters and Doctoral students to enable the growth strategies of small and medium sized companies.

iSTEM – Talent to Support Business Growth

This Southern Ontario program serves start-up and businesses with less than 1000 employees. The purpose of this hiring incentive is to bring additional new skills into the organization to enhance their competitive positioning as well as provide intense business skills through mentoring the recent or current graduate by the industry partner.

Three Types of Internships through MITACS

The Enterprise program is based on three options for full-time work during a six month internship:

Bachelor and Advanced Diploma Graduates – value of $20,000 to the graduate on a 50/50 cost-share funding basis

Current Masters and Doctoral Students – value of $15,000 to the student on a 50/50 cost-share funding basis

Masters and Doctoral Graduates – value of $30,000 to the graduate on a 50/50 cost-share funding basis

The graduates and students must be a recent graduate, less than 5 years ago, of a STEM program and not currently employed. Please note the deadline for initial applications is up to February 28, 2012.

Small Business Funding Grants

A key assessment for approval of the application will include the participation of a business management-level mentor to equip the Intern will applied business skills to complete the assigned project and gain experience.  In addition, another recognized program by Mitacs is the Accerlerate Program for research expertise.

Mentor Works Funding Resources

For additional info on small business funding grants , our Blogs provide a current listing and reference for other hiring and training programs discussed and researched for eligibility by Mentor Works. As Canadian government funding experts, we would be pleased to provide assistance required for the application process and selection.


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