How to Qualify for Mitacs Accelerate Canadian Government Grants for R&D

bigstock-asian-beautiful-businesswoman-42523987Mitacs is a national not-for-profit organization that supports collaborative research and development efforts between industry and academic partnerships. The Accelerate program is a 4-6 month internship program that provides an opportunity for businesses to access the skills and talent of a graduate student to work on solving a business problem.  Mitacs Accelerate R&D funding is supported 50% by Mitacs and 50% by the industry partner – $7500 each. Of this funding, $10,000 is given as a stipend to the student working on the project.

Mitacs Accelerate Research and Development Funding: Company Eligibility

To be eligible to receive Canadian government grants through Mitacs Accelerate, a business must be either a Canadian for-profit company or a Canadian location of a foreign owned company. Businesses can access numerous students through this program, as long as funding is available.

Mitacs Accelerate Government Funding for Research and Development: Student Eligibility

For a student to participate in this program as an intern, the student must be studying at a Canadian university as a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow. The student can be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or foreign student.  A student can participate in up to two internships through this program as a graduate student and up to six internships as a post-doctorate fellow. For the duration of the internship, the student will spend 50% of the time working on the project at the industry partner’s location and 50% of the time at the university.

Research and Development Funding: Mitacs Accelerate Additional Information and Application Process

The Mitacs Accelerate program supports projects in all disciplines and all industry sectors. Projects that are eligible include those related to: manufacturing, technical innovation, business processes, IT, social sciences, design, etc. Applications are accepted throughout the year with an anticipated turnaround time of 6-8 weeks for approval. This Mitacs Accelerate Canadian business grants program offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to access government funding and expertise to develop solutions that benefit the business’ success and bottom line.

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