saveONenergy Ontario Government Grants & Incentives for Business Offices

Looking for ways for your business to save money? Consider the saveONenergy Program offered by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). Whether your business uses a small, large or multi-purpose office space, there are several opportunities to access Ontario government grants and save money by upgrading older, high-energy use equipment. Programs are available to building owners, operators and tenants.

Small Office Energy Incentives for Businesses

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For businesses using less than 50 kW per hour, consider the following programs:

Ontario Government Grants for Small Business Lighting

The Small Business Lighting Program provides up to $1500 towards the cost of replacing old, inefficient lighting with new energy efficient models. To make the process easy for small business owners, the assessment, installation and the disposal of old equipment will be managed by the Ontario Power Authority through a licensed electrician.

Retrofit Program for Small Businesses

The Ontario Government Funding for Retrofit Program offers financial incentives to small businesses to replace outdated, high energy use equipment such as: motors and heating and air conditioning units.

Large Office Energy Incentives for Businesses

For businesses using more than 50 kW per hour, consider the following programs:

OPA Small Business Grants for Audit Funding

Determining the best ways for your business to save money by reducing electricity costs is the first and most important step. To help businesses with the cost of the audit, the Ontario Power Authority’s saveONenergy Program will fund 50% of the audit cost.

Government Incentives for Demand Response

For the Demand Response program, your business agrees to reduce energy use during times of peak demand by using an alternate power source, moving production to an off-peak time frame or reducing the amount of equipment being used. In return, your business will receive substantial incentives depending on the reduction of energy use and the number of hours your business reduces energy use.

Retrofit Program for Large Businesses

Depending on the size of your business and the proposed energy savings (per kW hour), your business can receive incentives to replace old equipment including technology, equipment and system improvements, as well as lighting, heating and air conditioning. New equipment is evaluated their demand and energy-performance. Incentives are paid after installation, and once the proposed savings have been measured and verified.

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