FAQs: Growing Forward 2 for Ontario Processors – Capacity Building

Canadian government funding for maple syrupThe Growing Forward 2 (GF2) Ontario program is a government funding program focused on helping producers, processors and organizations in the agriculture, food and food products sector become more competitive by adopting new processes and technologies.

What is the purpose of the Capacity Building Stream?

The GF2 Ontario Capacity Building Stream is focused on helping food and food product processors investigate new processes and technology, or to develop new skills through training or education, to determine the potential effectiveness of a project.

What types of projects are eligible to receive funding?

For processors, the Capacity Building Stream offered through GF2 Ontario will support: audits, assessments, training, skills development, education, and planning initiatives.

What costs are eligible for funding support?

Third party costs – for consultants with specific expertise, reports, training courses and materials are all covered through the GF2 Ontario Capacity Building Stream.

How much funding is available?

Funding from the Capacity Building Stream will fund up to 50% of project costs. Over the 5 years of the program, a processor can access up to $350,000 in funding in total from the Capacity Building and Project Implementation Streams.

Who is eligible to apply for Capacity Building funding?

Processors who meet the following requirements are eligible for funding from the Capacity Building Stream:

  • Ontario-based for profit businesses involved in the processing, modification, and/or transformation of agricultural commodities, food, beverage or agricultural based bioproducts;
  • File business and/or farm income/loss taxes in Ontario; and
  • Have a Premises Identification Number.

Are new processors eligible for funding from the Capacity Building Stream?

New processors can access Capacity Building funding if they meet the following requirements:

  • Are new entrants to the food and agri-product processing industry and have business projections that demonstrate potential annual gross business income of $30,000 or more within 3 years of applying;
  • File personal income taxes in Ontario;
  • Have not filed taxes as a food or agri-product processing business in the two years previous to applying for GF2 funding; and
  • Have a Premises Identification Number (if processing facility is established).

However, new processors cannot access funding from the Project Implementation Stream until they are more established.




When can my processing business apply for this government funding program?

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis. To learn more about this and other government funding opportunities for food processors that are incorporated with more than 15 employees on payroll, contact an expert at Mentor Works.  Also, don’t forget to follow Mentor Works on YouTubeFacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

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