Growing Forward 2 Ontario for Processors: Capacity Building Project Eligibility

bigstock-Farming-tractor-6170102Growing Forward 2 Ontario, a joint federal-provincial cost-sharing program to support agriculture and its associated industries, has government of Ontario business grants funding available for Processors in Ontario. The 5-year program offers funding to new and existing Processors. Existing processors are eligible if they are working in the processing, modification, and/or transformation of agricultural commodities, food, beverage or agricultural based bio-products in Ontario, have filed business or farm income taxes in the last year and have a Premises Identification number. New processors are considered eligible if they can forecast business earnings of $30,000 or more, have not been in the processing business in the prior 2 years and have filed personal income taxes (not business or farm taxes).

Ontario Small Business Grants Project Eligibility

For the Capacity Building Stream of funding, there are several eligible projects:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Audits or Assessments
  • Training, education, skills development

Small Business Grants Ontario Project Focus Areas

Projects eligible for Ontario government funding under Growing Forward 2 must fit with one of the 6 focus areas of the program:

  1. Environment and Climate Change
  2. Plant and Animal Health
  3. Market Development
  4. Assurance Systems (Food Safety, Traceability, Animal Welfare)
  5. Labour Productivity Enhancement
  6. Business and Leadership Development

Eligible Costs Covered by Grants for Business in Ontario

Costs eligible for reimbursement under this stream of government funding for business include:

  • Costs of goods, services, supplies, and all related shipping or transportation costs;
  • Labour costs such as contract salaries, benefits, and specific per diem fees (this is not applicable for staff of the applicant);
  • Rental of facilities; and
  • Communication materials including design, printing, translation, etc.

Further Details Regarding Ontario Government Grants Eligible Costs

Ontario government grants cover up to 50% of the eligible costs. There is a maximum amount of funding for small business available per business of $350,000 over the 5-year time frame of the program, including any stream associated with Growing Forward 2. One of the useful features of this funding program is that it allows a Processor to be engaged in more than one project and application that is eligible for funding under this stream, at the same time.

Ontario Small Business Grants Capacity Building Stream Application Process

The application process for the Capacity Building stream of Growing Forward 2 for Processors is now open. Applications are being accepted and evaluated on an on-going basis. Contact a government funding expert at Mentor Works to learn how to access this and other government grants.

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