SDTC Greentech Funding: Do You Qualify for SD Tech Fund Grants?

SDTC Greeentech Grants for Business SD Tech Fund

SD Tech Fund grants support the development and commercialization of innovative green technologies (greentech). Administered by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), these Canadian government grants provide businesses with up to 33% of eligible project expenses to a maximum $15 million.

Developing green technologies and creating a low-carbon economy is a major component of the federal government’s investment policy. In 2016, the government allocated additional funding to Sustainable Development Technology Canada so that innovative greentech companies could develop and bring the technologies to market.

To learn if your business is eligible for SD Tech Fund government grants, consider the following criteria.

Businesses Eligible for SDTC Tech Fund Grants

Businesses applying for the SD Tech Fund are required to enter a technology development consortium that contains them and at least two other partners. Consortiums may include a wide variety of partners including other businesses, non-profit organizations, academia, industry associations, government entities.

In addition, Canadian businesses applying for SDTC greentech grants must:

  • Be developing an innovative green technology;
  • Own the proprietary rights to the technology; and
  • Be able to enter a legally-binding agreement with consortium partners.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada Tech Fund Greentech Project Eligibility

Greentech development grants may be awarded to businesses who are creating an advanced technology that:

  • Have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 3-7, signifying that their technology is beyond proof of concept but hasn’t been commercialized yet;
  • Will be ready for commercialization within 1-5 years;
  • Is disruptive and will displace existing technologies;
  • Will result in measurable decreases of greenhouse gas emissions, or contamination within water, soil, or air; and
  • Will incur at least $750,000 in project expenses.

Priority Areas: In-Demand Technology Development Projects

SDTC gives priority access to projects that focus on the following five themes:

  1. Sustainable Natural Resources Development
  2. Carbon-Free Power Generation and Distribution
  3. Energy Efficiency for Communities and Industry
  4. Next-Generation Technologies
  5. Remote and Northern Community Utility Systems

Project Expenses Eligible for SDTC Technology Development Grants

Projects suitable for SD Tech Fund grants must have a budget totalling $750k to $15M consisting of the following expenses:

  • Salaries and third-party contractor costs related to the project;
  • Field testing services and feasibility studies;
  • Supplies and equipment (including installation, testing, upgrading costs);
  • Laboratory and field supplies and materials;
  • Travel and conference expenses related to the project;
  • Print, production, and translation services, including shipping costs (incl. customs fees);
  • Data collection services; and
  • Communication and distribution costs.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    my pre-startup is a company called Prospereco, which offers consumers an alternative to the traditional “burial and memorial” of the deceased. It consists of a specially developed biodegradable vessel (urn) that comes pre-mixed with various soils and nutrients and the choice of one’s type of tree. Clients add the cremains of their loved ones in the vessel (known as Yubio) and plant it where it becomes a growing memorial to that person. It is a green, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to burial eliminating the use of formaldedyde and wasted wood and plastic materials into the earth. Clients can also purchase a larger vessel that will house the Yubio for indoor growth. It comes equipped with sensors to monitor growth conditions and is bluetooth connected. We are also working on partnerships across Canada to develop various locations called “Forests of Friends” where clients may bury their loved ones and visit while knowing they are under our constant care.
    Any idea as to whether Prospereco is eligible for financing with any government program?
    thanks for your time

    1. Hi John, thanks for your message. This is a truly unique business that may have some funding potential. I have passed your message along to a colleague who will follow-up with you in 1-2 business days. You may also be interested in our Startup Resources page which gives some insight into how to access funding and business support services:

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