CSCSC Career Focus – Canadian Business Grants for Supply Chain Organizations

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) remain large supporters of employers and organizations that look to create career-related work experiences for post-secondary graduates in their respective fields of study. Members of Canada’s Alliance of Sector Councils have apportioned the Career Focus Program into several different business funding grants for hiring post-secondary graduates with skills and expertise unique to their sector. The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC) is preparing a final call for applications from Canadian businesses within the Supply Chain Sector looking to hire through the CSCSC stream of Career Focus.

Details on Canadian Business Funding for Supply Chain Hires

The Career Focus Program looks to increase the rate of employment amongst highly educated and trained young individuals that are in search work-related experience in their respective fields of expertise. Employers can receive up to $12,750 or 50% of a new graduates salary for a 4-8 month position with the potential for future full-time employment. Businesses are only eligible to hire one individual per year through this program; however, those interested in hiring more than one employee can browse the wide selection of Canadian Business Grants for Hiring and Training New Employees.

Canadian Government Funding Eligibility

In order to be eligible for grant funding through the CSCSC stream of Career focus, certain criteria must be met with regards to the applying organization as well as the potential employee:

  • Organizations must be considered a part of Canada’s supply chain sector.
  • The hiring position must be related to the Supply Chain sector.
  • The individual must be signed on as a full-time employee for a minimum four-month period.
  • Employee must be under the age of 30 and have received some sort of post-secondary education or training related to the supply chain sector.

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