CDC Matching Investment Fund – Dairy Business Funding Grants

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) maintains a supportive role in the Canadian Dairy industry by providing funding for small business development projects through their Matching Investment Fund (MIF) program. The Matching Investment Fund provides non-repayable government grants for small business expansion and product development initiatives conducted by eligible Canadian Dairy Producers and Food Technology Centres.

Canadian Government Grants for Product Development

The Matching Investment Fund is designed to provide eligible organizations with small business funding grants for product development initiatives that would stimulate public demand for Canadian dairy products. Eligible candidates can receive up to $150K in non-refundable grants on a matching investment basis (50%) towards a wide range of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Third Party Consultation
  • Market Research
  • Product Testing & Analysis
  • Technology & Knowledge Transfer
  • Adopting New Technologies
  • Equipment Retrofitting

Canadian Government Funding Eligibility

Canadian SMEs interested in applying for the MIF program must fall under one of the following categories in order to be considered eligible to receive funding:

  • Registered Dairy Processor – must hold valid licence to operate a dairy plant facility.
  • Finished Food Product Manufacturer – can include manufacturers of a wide variety of further processed products (pet food, baked goods, pharmaceutical products, beverages etc.)
  • Food Technology Centre – must be recognized by the CDC as a Canadian Food Technology Centre or Food Science Institute.
  • Industry Associations and Other Organizations – Canadian Associations such as milk marketing boards, or food processor associations can match CDC’s investment to support projects conducted by their members.

Consult a Canadian Small Business Funding Expert

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