Toronto Hydro Provides Energy Efficiency Funding for Small Business

Businesses located within the GTA can now receive Canadian business funding grants towards energy efficiency improvements  within their industrial or commercial facilities. Toronto Hydro offers a variety of programs which provide financial incentives and funding grants for small business equipment retrofits and energy management systems.

Ontario Business Funding Incentives for Improved Energy Management

The following is a list of programs that provide significant funding incentives for Canadian SMEs to improve their energy management and demand response systems. These programs are intended to improve peak energy demand from the GTA’s commercial and industrial sectors while improving businesses’ bottom lines through increased energy savings.

  • Retrofit Program: Provides up to $800 per kW of demand reduction OR $0.10 per kWh in first year electricity savings. Funding incentives that can cover up to 50% of the project costs for retrofitting facility equipment and lighting fixtures.
  • High Performance Construction: Businesses planning to undertake new construction or major renovations can receive up to $10K in business funding grants if the plans exceed the electricity efficiency standards specified in the Ontario Building Code.
  • Process & Systems Upgrades: Depending on the activity, businesses can receive between 80 and 100% of their expenses covered for the planning and implementation of a detailed energy monitoring and management system.

Canadian Government Funding for Greening Your Business

Businesses that are interested in improving their sustainability or reducing their carbon footprint can learn more about the Ontario Government Grants to Help Your Business Go Green by contacting one of our Canadian Government Funding Consultants or subscribing to our Weekly Canadian Government Funding Newsletter. Businesses can also receive the latest updates on Canadian Government grants for small business by following us on Twitter or Joining our Circle on Google+.

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