Small Business Grants: AgriMarketing Market Development Stream

Businessman is holding a plant in potThe Market Development stream grant funding for business is focused on building and promoting Canada domestic and export markets, to perform promotional activities to differentiate Canadian products, and ensure that the industry is prepared to meet market requirements.

Government Funding Financial Contribution:

This funding for small business will involve non-repayable contributions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).  The maximum AAFC contribution will normally not exceed $50,000 per year.  All projects selected small business grants will be cost-shared with the industry and as such will not exceed 50% of total eligible project costs.  Funding levels may be increased where activities focus on expanding into new markets. The Market Development stream stacking limit normally will not exceed 85% of the total eligible costs of the project; meaning that the total of all Ontario small business grants cannot exceed 85%.  In-kind contributions are not recognized for applicant cost-shared purposes under the Market Development Stream of the AgriMarketing Program.

Timeline for AgriMarketing Small Business Grants:

The Market Development Stream of AgriMarketing will expire on March 31, 2018.  In the first year of the Market Development stream, applications received prior to March 15, 2013 will receive priority consideration. Once those applications for Canadian government funding have been assessed, intake and assessment of new applications will be undertaken on a continuous basis.  Applications can be submitted at any time until September 30, 2017 or until all small business government grants has been fully committed and will be assessed based on individual merit

SMEs Eligible for this Canadian Government Grant:

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) *SME’s are defined to have less than 250 employees in order to be eligible for Canadian government grants.

Activities Eligible for Government Funding for Small Business:

  • Development and implementation of market development and branding strategies
  • Industry-wide branding, promotion and advertising including in-store and food service promotions and product demonstrations for buyers both domestically and internationally
  • Incoming, outgoing and exploratory missions
  • Participation or attendance in trade fairs/shows and multilateral meetings and conferences
  • Market research
  • Technical training for buyers about Canadian products and product handling
  • Trade seminars designed to inform industry representatives of specific attributes of Canadian agriculture, agri-food, fish and seafood products
  • Industry-to-Industry trade advocacy (activities aimed at lobbying Canadian and foreign governments are deemed ineligible)
  • Technical support services and/or research which facilitate entry into markets
  • Export capacity building will also be eligible for grant funding for small business

All activities must be aimed at increasing exports or increasing domestic market share.

Costs Eligible for Government Funding under the Market Development Stream Include:

  • Administrative costs, such as: office costs, office space, telecommunications, postage and freight
  • Salaries/Benefits in addition to organizational costs in order to manage the project
  • Contracted Services, including: consultant fees, translation services, seminars and training costs, product testing
  • Other costs (with some limitations) such as travel, and capital costs related to trade show displays will also be eligible for government grants for small business

How to Apply for these Business Funding Grants:

  • Visit the AgriMarketing page for details about the Market Development Stream and feel free to fill out our contact form to get in touch with a Mentor Works representative, who can answer any further questions that you may have.
  • Applicants can submit application now and the program is expected to run until 2018 or until funding is fully allocated to projects.

Learn More about AgriMarketing Market Development Stream

Contact a Canadian government funding expert, or choose from one of the following options to learn more about this Canadian government funding program:


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    I am starting up a small sugar bush operation, and I am in need of government grants to update my maple sugar making equipment. Any information on how to go about this or who to contact would be very helpful


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