Small Business Grants & Loans for Startups

Ottawa Parliament BuildingEconomic Action Plan 2013 Update: In addition to the several small business grants and business loans programs rolling out over the next five years the Federal government will provide $60 million to aid outstanding Canadian incubator and accelerator organizations in expanding their services to start-ups.   A further investment of $100 million will be invested through the Business Development Bank of Canada in businesses that graduate from business accelerators.

Small Business Grants and Loans for Early-Stage Start-ups

With fewer Canadian small business grants and loans available for early-stage start-ups, business incubators and accelerators provide entrepreneurs with much needed support and valuable resources and facilities they need to develop their business plan and seek follow-on financing. Greater detail on these initiatives is expected in the coming months.

Canadian Small Business Grants and Loans through Economic Action Plan 2013

For more information on government business financing opportunities including small business loans Ontario focused on helping start-ups please stay tuned by following us on LinkedIn.   If your business has been incorporated for at least 2 years and has a minimum of 15 full-time employees please contact a Canadian government funding expert for a complimentary consultation.

You can also contact a Canadian government funding expert by clicking on “Get Started” below or browse through our exhaustive list of Canadian business grants and small business loans programs by selecting “Find Funding.”


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