Small Business Grants for Building Global R&D Relationships


Going Global Innovation (GGI) Canadian government grants for small business program was created and is managed by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service.  GGI’s research and development funding is available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to help stimulate potential R&D partnerships that benefit Canadian innovators and bring new products to the Canadian marketplace. The focus of the funding is to help establish or solidify an international partnership for potential future R&D collaboration to develop technologies or products that have the potential for commercialization in Canada.

Canadian Small Business Grants through Going Global Innovation Details

Going Global Innovation Canadian business grants provide 75% cost coverage, from $5,000 to $75,000, to support in-person discussion, meetings & related activities to build and solidify a global R&D partnership.

Going Global Innovation Small Business Grants Eligibility

SMEs eligible for Canadian grants for small business through GGI must have less than 500 employees and annual sales of no more than $50 million.  Canadian post-secondary institutions and Canadian non-government research or innovation centres based in Canada are also eligible to receive research and development funding through this program.

Applicants eligible for GGI must have a Science and Technology project targeted for R&D discussions during their meetings with potential foreign partners.   Contact a Canadian government funding planner for more information regarding project eligibility.

Note:  Applicants must submit their grant application at least 8-12 weeks before their first scheduled departure date.  Participants seeking Canadian government funding must travel with a Canadian passport and must be related to the R&D activities; marketing personnel are not eligible participants.

Expenditures Covered by GGI Canadian Small Business Government Grants

Going Global Innovation small business grants Canada will cover up to 75% of eligible expenditures, including:

  • Travel and related costs
  • Meeting expenses
  • Pursuit of additional investment for R&D emerging from a previous GGI supported activity.

GGI Canadian Government Small Business Grants Success Stories:

The following are two examples of firms that used Going Global Innovation small business grants to help pave a path to greater success through international R&D collaboration:

  • A Toronto based Testing Laboratory works with partners in Russia, Japan, the US and China developing technology that can stand up to the harsh environment of space. Small business grants through the Going Global Innovation program gave the Toronto firm that opportunity to make additional trips abroad to meet with prospective R&D partners.
  • A Vancouver based saltwater treatment solutions provider utilized the Canadian small business grants it received through the Going Global Innovation Program to meet with a leading Australian energy company. During the trips the two firms established a formal R&D collaboration agreement to evaluate and develop the technology developed by the Vancouver firm.

Going Global Innovation Small Business Grant Application- Next Steps

SMEs interested in this program are instructed to contact a Canadian government funding planner as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out on this very popular government funding for research and development program.


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