Strategic Network Grants: $500K-$1M Towards University R&D Collaborations

Large R&D projects carry many demanding requirements with them. Large budget, human resources, and capital resources can all become barriers to any large-scale research project. This not only hurts the company’s growth potential, but also holds back the advancement of the industry and cripples innovation.

NSERC has developed the Strategic Network Grants to help fund large-scale research projects and encourage businesses to develop partnerships with universities. The Grant allows companies to take advantage of the equipment and human resources of the university, as well as tap into the needed financial capital to carry out the project.

Government Funding for Business R&D

For every $1 that the partner company invests into the project, NSERC will contribute $3, for a 75% grant coverage. Average projects range anywhere from $500K to $1 million. The project will need to focus on generating new knowledge or developing a new technology to strengthen Canada’s industrial base, generate wealth, create employment for high-qualified personnel, or influence Canada’s public policy.

Applicant Eligibility

All projects must have well-defined objectives, at least five academic researchers, opportunities to provide enhanced training for high-qualified personnel, and be organized by an appropriate management structure. Key target areas for projects include:

  • Environmental Science & Technologies
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Manufacturing
  • Natural Resources & Energy

Getting Started & Finding Suitable Academic Partners

Interested companies can visit the Strategic Network Grants Website for more information about the program. If you require support and resources to help you find the optimal academic research partners, please contact Mentor Works. Also, be sure to browse our Research & Development Funding Section for more potential funding opportunities to support your R&D activities.

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