Government Grants Ontario – Supports Food Manufacturers

Food processors and manufacturers in Canada are able to receive financial support and international planning to participate in trade shows and mission events by working with Canadian Food Exporters Association. The next significant and important show is the ISM Show that will take place in Cologne, Germany from January 29 to February 1, 2012.  SMEs can enhance and extend their marketing strategies through global promotion efforts.

Trade Show and International Growth Strategies

Serving the sweets and biscuit industry, the ISM Show offers an international platform for suppliers and bulk buyers to collaborate and discover the latest trends and newest perspectives. This show restricts product focus to chocolate products, biscuits, fine baked goods and snack items, sugar confectionery, and ice cream products.  Its purpose is to encourage global trade of manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and biscuits for retail sale with buyers from the wholesale and grocery wholesale, multiples and their regional branches, cash & carry operations, department stores, health food wholesalers, nutrition scientists, drugstore chains and confectionery specialists.

To learn more about the Largest Confectionary Show, and if you are interested in gaining knowledge on product comparisons and an overview of market, then this is an excellent show to attend that boasts 32,000 buyers in attendance in 2011.

Government Funding Canada – Trade Shows and Trade Missions

As a smart Ontario Small Business Financing options, one of the most effective ways to exhibit at international trade shows or attend missions is by coordination of these development efforts through CFEA. Some of the benefits from CFEA membership include reduced pricing on shipping, travel and staff time through the support of well organized trade missions and events.  As a participant of the CFEA program, you will exhibit your products at the Canadian pavilion at reduced rates and identify opportunities for market entry and access what prospects exist in various global markets. Innovative ideas and concepts can be personally communicated with a large global network by collaborating with your national industry network, CFEA.

Ontario Small Business Funding Grants Through CFEA

The strategy can be extended to other global events; the invitation package to trade missions to Gulfood Show, Dubai and the Food Hotel Asia, Singapore will be posted on the CFEA resource site shortly.

As a means of evaluating other global missions and trade events, Mentor Works assists in several government funding programs such as the Agri-Marketing Program. This program supports SMEs who are export ready to access up to $50,000 to market and promote agricultural products in international markets. Several marketing funds and other agri- initiatives can be submitted through the advisory services provided by our government funding specialists.

The funding support to the Canadian Food Exporters Association is received in part by the Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.

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