Summer Company 2013: Ontario Government Funding

bigstock-Asian-business-woman-smiling-h-42502204The Ontario Government is continuing a fantastic program for entrepreneurial youth this summer, called Summer Company 2013.  If you are a student between the ages of 15-29 years old, you have the opportunity to turn one of your ideas into a real business. The Summer Company Program provides up to $3000 in government funding for business start-up, as well as hands-on coaching and mentoring by a professional, and upon successful completion of the program you will receive an additional $1,500 to return to school with.

IMPORTANT:  If you are an employer please visit Top 5 Grants for Hiring for Canadian and Ontario government funding opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.


Eligible Candidates for Summer Company 2013 Business Funding Grants

More details of who is eligible for Ontario Business Grants through the Summer Company Program:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen (or landed immigrant) and a resident of Ontario who is attending school and returning in the fall.
  • Eligible participants should have a proposal for a new business (otherwise please contact your program provider)
  • You cannot be operating an existing or previously existing business venture
  • You are not employed elsewhere (working for more than 12 hours per week) during the term of the operation of the Summer Company program, and you are prepared to commit to a minimum average of 35 hours a week, for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks if you are in high school, (or 12 consecutive weeks if you are attending post-secondary school).  This should be defined in the business plan.  Exceptions may be approved by the ministry.

(If you have any questions about your eligibility you are instructed to call 1-877-553-5507 or 1-800-387-5656).

Eligible Businesses for this Grant Funding for Business Start-Ups

What types of businesses are eligible to receive small business grants through this program?

Most types of businesses are acceptable for this Ontario government funding program, so long as the business is:

  • A sole proprietorship or a corporation where the applicant will be the majority shareholder.
  • The proposed business must be operating in Southern Ontario and follow government rules and regulations for operating a business.
  • The business must not be a previously registered or operated on an on-going basis.

Apply for Government Small Business Grants via Summer Company 2013

The Summer Company 2013 small business grant program will be accepting applications from February 1st -26th, 2013, so students interested in this opportunity are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. In order to get started, visit and fill out an application.

Additional Funding for Small Business

Do you have an existing business and interested in learning more about Canadian government funding options? For more information on a variety of grants for small business in Ontario stay connected with Mentor Works Ltd. updates via their Canadian Government Funding Blog, or by contacting a Government Funding Expert for a free consultation.  You can follow Mentor Works’ activity on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+.   We also invite you to our next Free Canadian Government Funding Workshop on Wednesday February 27, 2013 at 10am in Burlington, ON.

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