Want $500,000 to Commercialize Your Energy Innovation?

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) can help. Their Technology Development Fund was created to promote the development and commercialization of new energy technology. Energy companies in the pre-commercialization stage of an innovative energy conservation or generation project can tap into the Technology Development Fund, which has given over $7.7 million towards 40 projects since its inception.  NOTICE:  This program is no longer available.   Please view the revised program now called The Conservation Fund

Eligible Projects

There are four different categories of eligible projects:

  1. Technology Demonstration: Valid new technology that is aimed at commercial demonstration of its innovation or competitive advantage. (Max. $500,000, 50% of project costs)
  2. Industrial Process Innovation: Confirmation of efficiency gains or process innovation through research and development activities. (Max. $500,000, 50% of project costs)
  3. Technology Development: Creation of prototypes that effectively utilize the new technology to ready it for the market. (Max. $250,000, 50% of project costs)
  4. Applied Research: Determining market potential, first-stage prototyping, and extensive testing of the new technology (Max. $100,000, 25% of project costs)

Eligible Expenses:

Projects costs vary from 25-50% coverage by the Technology Development Fund. Eligible project expenses include project materials, data collection tools, wages of involved employees, outside contracting services, and licensing fees and permits.

How Do I Apply?

Interested Ontario energy companies should contact OPA (techfund@powerauthority.on.ca)  to discuss the details of your project and assess its suitability. If they deem your initiative to be eligible, you can then advance to the next stage of the application process by filling out the Expression of Intent by August 29, 2011. If selected, your company will then carry forward with the full application.

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