Technology Development Program: Government Funding for Research and Development

The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) has designed a program to accelerate industry innovation and create new market opportunities for southern Ontario businesses. The Technology Development Program offers Canadian Government grants to attract investment and drive interest for new market-driven opportunities that would result in the development of new breakthrough technologies.

Tech Dev Program: Canadian Government Funding Details

The Technology Development Program provides government funding for research and development to eligible not-for-profit and public research institutions for the investment and expansion of their R&D platforms. Eligible recipients can receive up to $20M in non-repayable funding contributions over a 4-year period.

Allocated funding may be applicable for up to 50% of the direct eligible expenses and activities; the remaining project funding to be provided through private sector investments and other non-governmental sources. The program intends to leverage investments from southern Ontario’s private sector investments to accelerate and support the development and commercialization of new breakthrough technologies.

Eligible Recipients for Canadian Government Grants

To be considered eligible for funding, the Technology Development Program requires recipients to be recognized as an established non-profit organization, specializing in industry research or commercialization. FedDev also accepts applications from post-secondary institutions looking to conduct collaborative R&D with private sector support. Both partners are required to operate out of southern Ontario and possess a concept or technology that would address a new and profitable market opportunity.

Projects Eligible to Receive Research and Development Funding

Research and development funding is eligible to those applicants looking to undertake a project involving an innovative new technology that would address or create a new market opportunity. All projects and activities must be carried out in southern Ontario and only those expenses incurred by the research partner may be considered eligible for funding.

Examples of Eligible Activities:

  • Applied Research
  • Product Design
  • Product Testing
  • Certification
  • Market Research
  • Proof of Concept
  • Piloting and Demonstration
  • Problem Solving
  • Consumer Testing
  • Licensing and IP Copyright

Examples of Eligible Costs:

  • Direct Labour and Operating Expenditures;
  • Minor and Non-capital Acquisitions
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Consulting Fees
  • Travel and Meeting Costs
  • Administration

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