The Mentor Works Advantage: Cash Flow Planning & Accelerating Company Growth

bigstock-Above-view-of-several-business-13786589At Mentor Works Ltd., we are dedicated to being experts in all Canadian government grants, loans, and other funding resources. Our passionate team of funding experts helps support businesses across the nation. Mentor Works Ltd. provides end-to-end solutions to businesses that are interested in benefiting from Canadian government grants and loans, providing guidance along each step of the way.  Whereas other companies and consultants offer limited self-serve solutions, we support businesses along all stages of the funding process to maximize your funding potential.

The Mentor Works Advantage: Small Business Funding Grants Experts

Step 1: Identification of the Company’s Strategic Initiatives

Each business has a unique strategic plan. Although some businesses we meet are aware of a small pool of funding to assist with these initiatives, clients are amazed to find the wide variety of funding opportunities available specifically for their upcoming projects or hires. In fact, Mentor Works will identify opportunities to stack multiple programs on a single project to help get the most funding possible towards any particular company activity. If you are unaware of the benefits of stacking, please refer to our previous blog on Government Funding Stacking.

Step 2: Development of Strategic Funding Plan

Once we have a clear understanding of all of the company activities that you are carrying out in both the short- and long-term future, Mentor Works will then create an exhaustive list of available funding for your company, matching each program with projects, expenses, and timelines of your company’s initiatives. The plan will prioritize time sensitive funding programs based on both the funding deadlines and the company’s project milestones to ensure that they do not miss out on grants and loans due to timing.

Step 3: Funding Application Support

Mentor Works has supported hundreds of companies across Canada on their funding application processes. Our expertise is proven through our solid track record of successful applications, close relationships with funding body representatives, and ongoing research activities. Thus, we know exactly what project elements are the best fit for a given program and the best way to articulate your project and company details in each of the funding applications. Mentor Works provides comprehensive funding application support to minimize your time involvement with funding applications and streamlining the submission process.

Proactive Research & Forecasting

Our dedicated team researches all active, upcoming, and past funding to provide Canadian businesses with a wide variety of comprehensive funding resources. Our goal is to be Canadian business owners’ most reliable and cutting edge funding research tool.

Companies that have worked with Mentor Works in the past have priority updates and notifications on funding updates and consultation sessions to determine possible fits with new and updated grant and loan programs.

Mentor Works also offers online resources to small businesses who have not yet worked with us, including a Weekly Funding E-Newsletter, a growing library of Informative YouTube Funding Videos, and regular Funding Workshops held across Southern Ontario to established manufacturers & R&D based Canadian businesses (15+ employees, 3+ years incorporated, $500K+ revenues). Alternatively, entrepreneurs and startups can benefit from our Free Startup Funding Checklist Download. If you are reading this, you are likely also aware of our Daily Canadian Government Funding Blog, which continues to educate Canadian small businesses on funding news, updates, and reminders.

Please discover the Mentor Works Advantage by contacting us today. Whether you’re a start-up or established business, we have a solution tailored for you.

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