Wage Subsidy Available for IT Employers

If you are an information technology company looking to expand your human capital, the Information and Communications Technology Council’s (ICTC) Career Focus Program can help.

What is it?

The Career Focus Program was created to encourage the hiring of recent IT graduates by providing the employing company with a wage subsidy. The subsidy covers 1/3 of the eligible employee’s salary. The program is capped at $10,000 and 11 months of coverage and a minimum of 4 months of work.

When can I apply?

The program is available now until February 28, 2012. Availability of funding is dependent on the number of participants registered, the duration of work experience period, and the amount of subsidy paid out.

How do I get started?

Mentor Works and Bernadeen McLeod works closely with companies to ensure that they receive the best chance of achieving funding possible. To schedule a meeting with Mentor Works, please contact us directly. Make sure you include that you are interested in The Career Focus Program in your message and we will get back to you shortly.

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