How Do You Celebrate Women’s Day?

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It’s not like other days we commemorate where clear instructions on how one is to celebrate exist –unless I am missing something. Examples: On Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) we eat pancakes. On Remembrance Day we donate money to our local legion and wear a poppy on our lapel (I also stand and recite “In Flander’s Fields” by heart to my coworkers). St.Patrick’s Day, green beer.  In fact, even special days set aside for raising awareness of diseases all have their own ribbon colours.  But what about International Women’s Day?  Okay, maybe we can wear a white ribbon (let me consult my ribbon awareness chart), but is that the best we can do?

A Few Suggestions on How to Celebrate Women’s Day

Here are my suggestions on how to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Take Time to Reflect:

To help its readers reflect on women and girls in Canada and around the world, Canadian Living Magazine published a page with a number of very relevant links, here are a few of them listed below, you can see there rest here.

  • 35 amazing Canadian women 
    Meet inspirational ladies that make us want to be them when we grow up.
  • 5 ways to encourage peace-loving kids
    Free the Children shares ideas for supporting youth who want peace on Earth.
  • How to raise your daughter to be a leader
    13 ways to prepare your daughter to enter the world with self-confidence.

Donate to a Worthwhile Cause:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that women outside of Canada have far fewer opportunities, and a number of organizations exist to help give women in developing countries better opportunities to become educated and or begin their own business.    This is just one of the many programs that is making a difference:

Because I am a Girl

This international organization helps to open doors for girls around the world.  The organization urges men and women to raise their voices to help put an end to violence and injustice towards women as well as gives the opportunity to sponsor a girl.

Donate Your Time & Energy by Getting Involved:

Pledging a few dollars or even a few hundred dollars is easier, but how about donating your time and energy to raising awareness in your community, your country, and around the world?

Looking for a place to start?  Find inspiration by attending this Google HangOut hosted by Thomson Reuters Foundation, titled: “Women Leaders Driving Social Change.” This particular event is coming up on March 7th, 2014 at 10:30am. However, if you miss it you can always watch the recording, as well as access a number of similarly themed events by searching the term “women’s day,” or by looking up NGO’s such as UNICEF, World Bank, UNESCO, etc.

BioTalent Canada & Federal Government Mark International Women’s Week

bigstock-A-Chinese-Asian-female-medical-25132175Earlier this week Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, marked International Women’s Week with the release of a plan to help advance women in non-traditional careers.   BioTalent Canada is being provided $231,385 in funding from Status of Women Canada to support the advancement of young professional women in the biotechnology-based economy of Vancouver, Toronto, Charlottetown, and Montreal.

“Canada is far better off when the talents and skills of women are fully utilized in every sector of our economy- from biotech to construction, and all the way to the corporate boardroom,” said Minister Leitch. “That is why the Government of Canada is committed to increasing economic opportunities for all women in Canada, including those seeking employment in non-traditional careers.”

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?  Please share with us by leaving a comment below.  

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