Client Spotlight: eBridge Software

eBridge Software was in need of financing to help with training of their development team, market development in the United States, research and development in product design, and development of new innovation software tools. These were significant undertakings that needed funding support beyond what the company could provide for themselves, so they pursued government funding assistance through Bernadeen McLeod and Mentor Works.

With goals spanning across a number of different funding categories, Mentor Works helped to consolidate the process into a few relevant and specific funding mechanisms. Together, they allowed eBridge to uncover and leverage government funding in areas where their strategies were already focused.

“The extensive knowledge of Bernadeen is a tremendous asset when applying for funding.”
-Dave Malda, Sales and Marketing Manager, eBridge Software

The company has successfully earned $150,000 in government funding through Mentor Works to help attain their growth goals. Tap into Bernadeen’s expertise and obtain government funding to help grow your business by attending a free 60 minute informational workshop on government funding or browse available funding to Canadian small businesses.


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