Client Spotlight: Eclipse Automation Offers World-Class Manufacturing Capabilities

eclipse automationMentor Works’ team lead recently spoke with Matty Mayakrishnan from the Marketing Department at Eclipse Automation in Cambridge, Ontario about their experience accessing government funding.

Eclipse Automation offers world-class custom manufacturing services from its 25,000 square foot facility. Whether it is a build-to-print from existing designs, or working with clients to optimize a custom-designed fabrication Eclipse has the talent and expertise to offer a quality solution.

Mentor Works Helps Eclipse Select and Access Funding for Global Marketing

Mentor Works had the good fortune to have worked with Eclipse in the past, and informed Eclipse’s management of an Ontario government grant program that could help contribute funds to their global marketing efforts. Matty noted Mentor Works’ friendly and informative approach as key determinant in their choosing to work with Mentor Works again.

Mentor Works Saved Time by Streamlining the Application Process

“Our representative, Jenn Bleakney, made the process simple and reduced the workload on our end,” stated Matty. “She was understanding and provided us enough time to gather the information required for the application.” Jenn Bleakney saw the application through from start to finish. Ensuring that the application was submitted on time, and urging Eclipse to follow up with the grant office after a specific amount of time had passed, she also provided contact information and context for the inquiry. For some applications, Mentor Works is even able to communicate directly on behalf of their clients.

Experience with Applications Helps Mentor Works to be able to Steer Clients in the Right Direction

It’s to have misunderstandings arise, especially when communicating via email. During the government funding application process, misunderstandings can result in delays and even disqualification from the funding program in question. That’s why it’s so valuable to have someone experienced on your team.  “Thanks to Jennifer,” says Matty, “the process was smooth and hassle-free.” Although this particular application required Eclipse to interact with a funding program representative, Jenn provided Eclipse with a template for addressing many of the most common questions that arose during the application process. Mentor Works also took charge of going through the 40 page application document.

From her experience working with Mentor Works, Matty stated that she “will recommend Mentor Works to colleagues, friend, and family.

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