A3P Business Grants: Funding for Recipients of CMF Experimental Stream

bigstock-TV-Studio-10097891The Accelerator Partnership Pilot Program (A3P) is a $30,000 grant that is accessible to recipients of the Canada Media Fund (CMF), who are also members of a registered incubator program. New for 2014, this $30,000 grant offered through A3P will cover incubator membership and related costs, as they relate to their successful Canada Media Fund project.

Accelerator Partnership Pilot Program (A3P): Eligibility

A3P offers $30,000 in funding through the form of a non-repayable Canadian business grant to recipients of the Canadian Media Fund (CMF) on a first come, first-served basis. Funding through A3P will be provided to the award recipient directly upon the selection of an accelerator.  The recipient will be required to enter into an agreement with the accelerator in order to receive funding.

A3P Canadian Government Grants: Eligible Costs

Funding provided through A3P may be used to cover expenses related to the participation in one of the accelerator programs, including: membership fees, consultation fees, mentorship activities, wages, marketing, and travel and accommodations).

List of Accelerator Programs Approved for Participation in A3P Funding Program

The following is a list of approved A3P business accelerators:

  • Brain Rack Accelerate (Vancouver)
  • Centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal – CEIM (Montreal)
  • CTA @ NY (New York)
  • Execution Labs (Montreal)
  • FounderFuel (Montreal)
  • George Brown Digital Media and Gaming Incubator (Toronto)
  • GrowLab (Vancouver)
  • Hyperdrive (Communitech) – (Waterloo region)
  • IdeaBOOST and Mind Pirates Program (Toronto)
  • INCubes (Toronto)
  • Inno-Centre (Montreal)
  • Innovation Factory (Hamilton)
  • Invest Ottawa Business Acceleration Program (Ottawa)
  • Launch’Pad (by Innovate Manitoba) (Winnipeg)
  • Ryerson Futures and Digital Media Zone (Toronto)
  • Victory Square Labs (Vancouver)

Other accelerators can be evaluated by the Canada Media Fund on a case-by-case basis for approval.

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