Client Spotlight: Midpoint International

Midpoint International, also known as CleanRiver, creates customizable waste management systems for businesses. In fact, you have probably used a CleanRiver system while visiting a Tim Hortons. As a Canadian-based company focused on sustainability, CleanRiver was a natural fit with many government funding programs available to businesses. With the help of Mentor Works, Midpoint International were able to benefit from multiple funding opportunities in order to adopt new equipment, form international partnerships, conduct research and development, and carry out advanced training projects.

Q&A Session: MidPoint International

Dave Jarrett, President of Midpoint International, has shared some answers to common questions related to Mentor Works and Canadian government funding:

Question 1: How did working with Mentor Works change your beliefs about government funding?
Mentor Works provided us with a greater understanding of the breadth of funding options available.  While we were already aware of IRAP & SRED, we were not aware of other grant & matching programs at the Regional, Provincial & Federal levels. Mentor Works took the time to get to know our business and made it easy for us to select the best programs that fit our business strategies.

Question 2: How was the process? What obstacles were removed by working with Mentor Works?
The primary obstacle was the completion of the applications in a targeted and timely manner – that you are not back & forth numerous times. The Critical element of success is the knowledge of when the window of financial support opens and closes. Mentor Works was very helpful in ensuring that we met those dates.

Question 3: Why did you decide to use Mentor Works to assist you with the funding procedure?
Our understanding through 3rd party reference was that Mentor Works was dedicated to this area of specialization and would be the best to get it done in the shortest period of time.

Question 4: What are the three greatest benefits of working with Mentor Works to achieve funding?
Mentor Works is able to select and deselect opportunities based upon strategic fit with the acceptance parameters of each program. They also provide assistance with completing the submission plans and guiding us on the financial worksheet completion requirements. Mentor Works was very timely in terms of achieving/meeting deadlines and keeping us on a critical path in order to meet the funding opportunities (eg. CME Smart which had a very short window of opportunity).

Connect with Mentor Works, The Canadian Government Funding Experts

If you would like to receive more information about Canadian government funding for business, please attend out Free 60 Minute Government Funding Workshop held in Burlington, Cambridge, and Hamilton, Ontario. Additionally, please feel free to browse our website, where we promote popular grants and loans via our Government Funding Blog, and provide information on the most popular funding programs for business expansion, capital investment, human resources & training, and research & development.

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