Client Spotlight: Nightingale Informatix Corporation

bigstock-beautiful-young-medical-worker-44017795Nightingale has offered state-of the art information management solutions to healthcare providers across North America for more than ten years. With 1000+ clinics operating with Nightingale’s solutions they know firsthand how critical it is to start off on the right foot. That is why in addition to Nightingale OnDemand and Nightingale EHR, they also offer comprehensive implementation services.  We had the opportunity to speak with Preethi James, of Nightingale’s HR Department about her experience working with Mentor Works.

Why did you decide to use Mentor Works to assist you with the funding procedure?

“We knew there was Government funding available, but did not know where to start. Mentor Works was the best decision we made.”

How did working with Mentor Works change your beliefs about government funding?

“We are delighted at the success of the program since we started working Mentor works,” said Preethi.

How was the process? What obstacles were removed by working with Mentor Works?

“Mentor works proactively called us with opportunities for funding and helped us with all of the forms that needed to be completed and got us in touch with the reps that in normal case we might have scrambled to find. Mentor Works has become a great partner in our process and we will continue to use them in future.”

Would you recommend Mentor Works to other colleagues?

“Yes,” stated Preethi.

What was the most valuable aspect of working with Mentor Works?

“The reps assigned to us were amazing to work with and help was always just a phone call away.”

How did the funding received affect your business objectives?

“HR was generating revenue!!!” said Preethi emphatically.

Mentor Works Services Small to Medium Sized Enterprises across Canada

If your business has more than 10 employees, has been incorporated for 3 years or more, and is performing research and development or manufacturing in Canada you are invited to attend one of our upcoming complimentary government funding workshops.

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