Client Spotlight: One-Eighty Corp, Waterloo, ON

A.J. Mueller is the CEO of One-Eighty Corp, a privately owned company that delivers unparalleled A-Z sales and CRM to automotive dealers that help engage customers while shortening the buying cycle. We took the opportunity to ask AJ a few questions about the experience he has had with the Canadian government funding experts at Mentor Works.

How did Mentor Works change your beliefs about government funding?

“I came to realize that government funding is actually attainable by smaller companies and are not just there for large companies who have dedicated staff to guide them through the red tape,” said A.J.

How was the process and what obstacles were removed by working with Mentor Works?

“The Business Funding Analyst that we worked with, Fiona Parascandalo, coached us through the entire process,” said A.J.   “We didn’t know which programs were available, what the eligibility criteria was, or how and when to apply to the program.”

What was the most valuable aspect of working with Mentor Works?

“The best part of working with Mentor Works was that we had someone driving the process for us.   Mentor Works told us what to do at every turn and followed up with us on a regular basis.”

How has the funding received affect your business objectives?

Receiving small business grants for hiring with the help of Mentor Works has helped AJ’s business to continue to move forward.  “Being able to hire sooner allows us the time to train them so that by the time we really need them they will be ready to produce for us,” said A.J.   “I would recommend Mentor Works.”

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