Ontario Manufacturing Sector to Benefit from New Training Program to Upskill Jobs

As part of the $115 million Skills Development Fund, the Government of Ontario has announced an investment of $690,000 to provide a new, free training program to 260 manufacturing employees around the province to upgrade productivity, health and safety in the workplace, and supply chain strength. Administered by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), eligible manufacturing job roles will be enhanced via training to help the sector adapt and adopt new processes, equipment, and operations to take on new and ongoing challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has shown us the importance of adapting quickly to meet unexpected challenges. Workers on our assembly lines have demonstrated resiliency and kept factories running so that families can continue to get food for their kids, furniture for their homes, and other necessary items. This investment will help vital workers gain the skills they need so they can confidently face new challenges and continue to thrive.”
– Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development

The program is available to eligible Ontario employees at any manufacturing business at no cost. Courses will be offered as an in person and/or virtual format depending on employer and/or employee preference.

About the Free Ontario Training Program for Manufacturing Employees and How to Apply

The Ontario government in association with CME hope that this new training program will enable manufacturing businesses and their employees across the province to create innovative solutions to challenges presented to the manufacturing sector during the global pandemic. Through further training to understand how to combat specific challenges such as supply chain delays or health and safety concerns, manufacturing organizations can gain and share knowledge in generating unique industry solutions.

“Skills deficits and lack of training funding are Ontario manufacturers’ biggest challenges. This government funding will enable CME to deliver free training to manufacturers across Ontario and help them network with other manufacturers through a series of industry peer councils.”
– Mathew Wilson, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Policy, CME

The first round of manufacturing training has already begun as the new program received more than 500 applications within the first month. An official second application intake is planned for later in 2021, but open applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis.

Manufacturing employers and/or employees interested in applying for free training to upskill their jobs can receive more information and apply by contacting John Rodic from CME at

Government Grants and Loans for Canadian Manufacturers

To learn more about government funding available for your manufacturing business, connect with a member of the Mentor Works Team and visit our Canadian Manufacturing Funding Programs Page to view a directory of open grant and loan programs that could support your business’ projects and goals.

“The great differentiator in business is when an organization steps out and creates value from something never tried before.”
– Kerry Baskins, CEO, Peak Toolworks, from the foreword of Modern Manufacturing

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