Food Waste Reduction Challenge: Novel Technologies 2021

Food Waste Reduction Challenge: Novel Technologies

The Food Waste Reduction Challenge is a Canadian government funding program for agri-businesses that aims to increase food availability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthen the food supply chain in Canada.

This program supports projects that accelerate and advance the deployment of diverse and high-impact solutions in Canada that increase food availability, save consumers and businesses money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthen Canada’s food systems.

The deadline to apply for this program is August 31, 2021.

The Food Waste Reduction Challenge has four funding streams, with streams A and B no longer accepting applicants after January 2021. There are two active funding streams:

  1. Stream C focuses on technologies that extend the life of perishable foods by finding new ways to slow food spoilage.
  2. Stream D focuses on technologies that can convert food waste like surplus food, food by-products, or food waste, into food fit for human or animal consumption.

Funding Snapshot: Food Waste Reduction Challenge


  • Stage 1: $100,000 grant for up to 18 semi-finalists
  • Stage 2: $450,000 for up to 12 finalists for prototype development
  • Stage 3: $1,000,000 for two grand prize winners to test, demonstrate, and deploy their solutions in Canada

Applicant Eligibility:

  • Innovators of all types and sizes – businesses, not-for-profits, post-secondary institutions, individuals, etc.
  • International applicants with a Canadian partner or an ability to register to do business in Canada

Ideas and concepts can originate from anywhere globally, but applicants will be required required to test, demonstrate, and deploy their solutions in Canada.

Eligible Projects:

Funding streams A & B for business models are currently closed as of January 2021. Funding streams C & D are open and accepting applications until August 31, 2021.

  • Challenge Stream C: Technologies that Extend the Life of Food – Advance technologies that make perishable foods last longer; preserve food quality, safety, and nutritional value; and prevent food waste.
  • Challenge Stream D: Technologies that Transform Food Waste –  Advance technologies that transform food waste, food by-products, and/or surplus food into new foods or other products.


  • Stage 1: Deadline to apply is August 31, 2021.
  • Stage 2: Up to 18 Semi-Finalists will be selected to participate in Stage 2 in Fall 2021.
  • Stage 3: Up to 6 Finalists will be selected to participate in Stage 3 and two grand prize winners will be selected from among the finalists and announced in Winter 2023.

Apply for the Food Waste Reduction Challenge

The deadline to submit your application for the Waste Reduction Challenge Streams C and D is August 31, 2021. If your innovative idea or project meets the above eligibility criteria, apply for this government grant challenge with the help of Mentor Works application writing services. We save our clients an average 95% time investment throughout the application process. You can find additional funding programs in our Food & Beverage funding directory.

Those in the food & beverage industry can get access to the free Canadian Agri-Food White Paper to learn about agribusiness trends, how to grow your business, and Canadian government grants to support business expansion projects.

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