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SDTC Awards $44.3M to 11 Canadian Cleantech Companies for Environmental Innovation

To ensure a more sustainable future for Canadians and help join the global fight against the imminent climate crisis, the Government of Canada has announced an investment of $44.3M from the SD Tech Fund towards 11 innovative clean technology projects. Administered by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), the SD Tech Fund aims to position Canada towards a net zero economy by 2050 through a strategic plan to accelerate the research and development of healthier technologies creating cleaner air, soil, and water solutions with the additional purpose of establishing more middle-class jobs for economic growth and stability.

“Climate change is one of the greatest threats to Canadians and our economy, and Canadian innovation will be a key driver in the fight for a greener and cleaner future. It will not only create thousands of good jobs, but also help build a sustainable future.”
– François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

The $44.3M from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada government funding program will provide 11 small and medium-sized Canadian businesses (SMEs) with the opportunity to research and develop new clean technology grant projects focused climate action innovation, including projects working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the environmental impacts of energy exploration and production, supporting more sustainable agricultural practices, and responding to a wide range of important challenges.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada Tech Fund Invests $44.3M in Sustainable Cleantech Innovation Projects for Climate Action Progress

The SD Tech Fund aims to support SMEs who are developing improvements to clean technology by creating and supporting innovative and eco-friendly solutions with the overarching aim to reduce climate change impacts.

Eligible applicants can receive up to 33% of project costs with a total funding amount ranging from $200,000 to $15,000,000 in cleantech grants.

The global clean technology market is set to exceed $2.5 trillion by 2022. With SDTC support, Canadian companies have generated over $2.7 billion in annual revenues, created 14,628 jobs, and brought 150 new cleantech solutions to market that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“This investment will ensure we continue to strengthen Canadian entrepreneurship and empower cleantech innovators to lead the global path to net zero.” 
– Leah Lawrence, President and CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

The 11 Canadian companies and renewable energy funding sources which received SDTC funding, as organized by industry sector, are:


Terramera Inc. in Vancouver BC, receives $7.9M for developing a soil carbon validation tool​.

Ecoation from North Vancouver, BC receives $3.1M for their Farming as a Service (FaaS).

Chemical Products

Lorama Group Inc. in Mississauga, ON receives $2.6M for developing bio-adhesive to replace formaldehyde-based adhesives for wood composite board production.

Pyrogenesis Canada Inc. in Montreal, QC receives $700,000 for developing a new plasma process to produce fumed silica.

Energy Exploration and Production

Flyscan System Inc. in Quebec City, QC receives $1.5M for airborne detection of small liquid pipeline leaks.

Energy Utilization

Molded Precision Components in Oro-Medonte, ON receives $9.3M for Pellet-to-Pallet: Green Advanced Manufacturing of Plastics.

QEA Tech Inc. in Markham, ON receives $1.1M for developing an AI-powered drone platform and quantifying energy losses from outside the building.

OPTEL Group in Quebec, QC receives $3.03M to develop an Intelligent Supply Chain for Environmental Benefits.

Waste Management

Environmental Material Science Inc. in Edmonton, AB receives $4.1M for Sustainable Environmental Remediation.

Water Electrolysis

Hydrogen Optimized in Owen Sound, ON receives $4.8M to advance the commercialization of its high current water electrolysis system for producing Green Hydrogen at scale.

Water Treatment

Axine Water Technologies Inc. in Vancouver BC, receives $6.2M for the development and demonstration of a second generation, digitized wastewater treatment system.

Canadian Government Funding for Cleantech Innovation

Learn more about the top government funding for Canadian cleantech innovation by discovering programs such as Sustainable Development Technology Canada or the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) Net Zero Accelerator which provides up to 50% in grant funding for a minimum $10 million for projects leading significant changes towards creating a low-carbon economy.

“It is no surprise Canadian cleantech innovation is one of the best in the world.”
– Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)

Learn about different types of Canadian government funding programs by downloading our free slide deck on funding types. To explore all types of federal and provincial government funding program options, visit our Government Funding Directory Page.

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