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BioMass Cluster Gets $7M in Canadian Government Funding

The federal government is providing up to $7M to subsidize research into biomasses—plant or animal material used for energy production. The funding will support BioMass Canada (BMC), a research cluster focused on improving technologies for processing agricultural biomass, including waste materials, as a basis for renewable energy.

Funding will come from

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CAP Agriculture Funding: $6.1 for Canadian Pork Industry

The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) has been a voice for Canadian hog producers for over 50 years, representing 7,000 farms. The council acts as a leader in achieving and maintaining a successful Canadian pork sector, being involved in many initiatives such as animal health, market development, and on-farm assurance programs.

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AgriScience Invests $6.3M into Agronomy Research for Crop Management

As Canada’s average crop area per farm now accounts for nearly 60% of total farm area, constant research and innovative management practices are crucial for Canadian crop protection. In order to keep farmers competitive, the Western Grains Research Foundation has recently received funding for agronomy research.
The Western Grains Research Foundation

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