Canadian Agricultural Partnership Awards $11.1M+ to Pulse Industry

Canadian Agricultural Partnership AgriScience Funding Awarded to Pulse Organizations

Canada is the world’s largest supplier of pulses, with the Canadian pulse industry accounting for $3.4B in exports to 126 countries in 2017. Canada’s most commonly grown pulses are lentils, rowing peas, chickpeas, beans, and faba beans. To support pulse farmers and exporting opportunities, the federal government is continuing to invest in the growth of the sector. Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Pulse Canada are recent recipients of Canadian farming grants to enhance research and innovation development in pulse production.

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Pulse Canada have been awarded over $11,100,000 in federal government funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s (CAP) AgriScience stream, as well as other funding sources.

The AgriScience program is a stream of funding provided through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), which is a five-year initiative to support the growth of Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry. AgriScience was created to help businesses carry out research and development projects that benefit the agricultural and agri-food sector, either independently or as part of an innovation cluster.

Canadian Pulse Industry Receives $11.1M+ in Funding for Agricultural Projects

Pulse Canada is the national association of growers, processors, and traders of Canadian pulses. The organization works to increase the profitability of the Canadian pulse industry. Saskatchewan Pulse Growers is a development board whose initiatives seek to reach, impact, boost, evolve, and connect opportunities for profitable growth for Saskatchewan pulses.

The two organizations have received over $11.1M in Canadian farming grants.

The agriculture grants will be put towards projects to help the pulse industry grow and expand into new markets. The sources that provided funding to Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Pulse Canada, and the overall Canadian pulse industry include:

AgriScience: Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Pulse Canada have received $11.1M in funding from the AgriScience program, which will go towards an innovation cluster that will focus on: addressing threats to the value chain, improving productivity of new pulse crops, finding new innovative ways for pulse ingredient processing and food product development, and exploring the health and nutritional benefits of pulses. The cluster will also allow the hiring of facility members and summer students from research and post-secondary institutions across Canada to participate in new research activities. An additional $7.2M in industry contributions was provided, resulting in a combined funding total of $18.3M.

AgriInnovation: Growing Forward 2

Pulse Canada also received $175,721 in funding for agricultural products from Growing Forward 2’s AgriInnovation Program. The funded projects will help the Canadian pulse industry expand into the Chinese food market and dive deeper into the nutritional benefits of pulse products. Please note, Growing Forward 2 is no longer active and has been succeeded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) as of April 2018. AgriInnovation has become the AgriInnovate program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. CAP is now one of the primary federal government funding sources providing agriculture grants for businesses within the Canadian agri-food industry.

Protein Industries Supercluster: Innovation Superclusters Initiative

Announced in Budget 2017, the Innovation Superclusters Initiative supported business-led partnerships in building an innovation ecosystem in Canada’s highly innovative industries such as agri-food, manufacturing, and clean technology. Based in the Prairies, the Protein Industries Supercluster is supporting the Canadian Pulse industry by carrying out projects that will use plant genomics and novel processing technology to increase the value of important Canadian crops, such as canola, wheat, and pulses that are desired in high-growth international markets, such as India and China. As well, the initiative aims to meet the demand of growing markets in North America and Europe for plant-based meat alternatives and new food products.

Learn More About AgriScience: The Canadian Agricultural Partnership

AgriScience is a program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Its mission is to accelerate the pace of innovation by providing support and funding for pre-commercial science activities and leading-edge research that benefits the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sectors.

AgriScience provides project funding of up to 50% for businesses and up to 70% for non-profits. Approved projects/clusters may be eligible for funding up to $10M per year.

There are two components of AgriScience:

  • AgriScience – Clusters: Applications are envisioned to activate government, industry, and academia through partnerships, and address priority themes issues that are happening nationally. Applications for Clusters closed as of February 1, 2018.
  • AgriScience – Projects: Applications for single projects or a smaller set of projects that surmount challenges and address financial barriers experienced by small and emerging sectors. Applications are now being accepted for Projects.

To receive a guided overview of funding for agriculture projects supported through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, please register for an upcoming Agriculture and Agri-Food webinar.

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