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Advancing R&D in Ontario: NRC Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub

The National Research Council (NRC) of Canada’s focus is to assist Canadian manufacturers in adapting to advanced manufacturing – including mass customization, process industrialization, and factory automation to increase the productivity and competitiveness of various sectors of Canadian industry.

To address these opportunities for advancement, there is a high-tech space for

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Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology R&D Trends

While the transition to full autonomy will be gradual, technology developers and manufacturers need to be well ahead of consumer demand to push the technological readiness of autonomous vehicle systems. Constant research, development, and testing will help ensure that autonomous and connected vehicle technologies can be deployed once market and

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Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Development Timelines

Few automotive trends require foresight into technology development, consumer preferences, and regulatory requirements like connected and autonomous vehicles. For C/AV technologies to reach mass market adoption, all three of these elements must align, with consumers and government regulators being confident in the technologies used. Without tested and proven high-quality systems,

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Electric Vehicle Technology R&D Opportunities

The automotive industry is preparing for a future where consumers can purchase a wide range of powertrain types. Although internal combustion engines (ICEs) will continue to represent a large portion of the market, battery electric and hybrid options will grow in popularity and become a much more widespread option. OEMs

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How Connected and Autonomous Vehicles are Driving Innovation

and autonomous vehicles are getting closer to being road-ready and manufacturers need to anticipate the shift. OEMs are doing a great job of phasing-in connected and autonomous vehicle technologies; this has made it easier for consumers and automotive suppliers to keep up. The implementation of new C/AV technologies in each

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Electric Vehicle Technology Development and Adoption Timelines

Electric vehicle technology adoption must marry the readiness of manufacturers, consumers, and government regulators, all of whom have expressed varying levels of caution and optimism about the widescale adoption of EVs. There’s no one group that can independently bring electric vehicle technologies to the forefront; rather, it takes the collective

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