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Use Data to Build High Performing Teams

The Power of Knowledge
Teams are crucial to the success of any organization; they are the parts that make the sum of your outcome. Your vision relies on the individual and interpersonal dynamics of those teams, and understanding them starts with identifying and measuring key points. But where do we start?


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June 26: TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Awards and Conference

For many employers, recruiting students and recent graduates is a challenging process. There are many hurdles to overcome, including targeting the right audience and branding your company profile to speak directly to youth.

Fortunately, resources like TalentEgg are available to support the hiring of students and youth that are early in

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Canada-Ontario Job Grant: Guideline Changes for 2018-2019

In March 2018 the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG), a popular training grant for Ontario-based employers, announced several changes. Among the most significant effects is an increase in the number of businesses who can consider themselves a “small employer”, resulting in broader funding support for training projects.
Effective immediately, COJG funding will

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Top Recruitment Methods to Improve Employee Retention

Considerable time and resources are needed to recruit new employees. From candidate searches to employee onboarding, it takes a lot of effort to find qualified workers who maintain the proper cultural fit for your organization. With so much invested in the process, employers should be looking for any way possible

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Canada-Ontario Job Grant Supports Training of 38 Employees

A Toronto-based insurance agency recently sought to provide emotional intelligence training for seven of its management-level employees. A training vendor they found to carry out the program informed them that using government grants could help more employees receive these valuable skills.

After applying for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG), the insurance

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Top 3 Job Boards to Attract Youth Talent to Your Workforce

Across Canada, talent and skill shortages remain a concern for many businesses and industries. Recent studies suggest that 82% of employers struggle to find properly trained and/or educated candidates to fill vacancies within their organization. Traditional recruitment methods are not enough; employers must leverage emerging technologies to effectively connect with

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