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Funding Roadmap: Navigating the Application Process

Businesses can take several different approaches when applying for Canadian government funding. Some companies develop and submit applications internally, while other firms voluntarily opt to receive external support throughout the funding process. Either application method can lead to a successful small business funding outcome, but understanding the differences between each

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5 Ontario Small Business Events for Growth in February 2017

As businesses settle into the new year, executives need to remain committed to demonstrating innovation, boosting productivity, and accelerating company growth. One of the best ways to do this is through attending local small business events.

During February, Mentor Works’ team of Government Funding Planners™ will be leading/participating in a series

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Attend a Canadian Small Business Event in May 2016

Proactive small business owners and executives are beginning to fill their calendars for the month, however should keep some space for the following small business events. Across Ontario, business leaders can network with other industry professionals and visit live events to develop greater perspective on key industry issues.
Mentor Works’ government

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Funding Calculator: Determine Your Funding Potential

Small business owners and executives must ensure they have reliable project management in place before investing in new initiatives. Being prepared with a strategic plan, as well as the managerial resources to execute the project, is integral to the success of any business activity. Especially in an increasingly globalized market,

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