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Mitacs co-funded internships for Small Business

Innovation is the key to business success and staying ahead of competitors; but many businesses struggle to find the innovative thinkers they need to enhance their existing processes, products and technologies.
Overview of Mitacs Co-Funding for Research and Development Programs
Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that connects businesses with academia and

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Small Business Grants for Hiring Science/Engineering Graduates

The MITACS Enterprise business funding grants program provides support to small businesses through 6-month internships involving Bachelor, Masters, or Ph.D graduates, as well as Masters or Ph.D students in the science, technical, engineering and math (STEM) fields of study. MITACS will facilitate the following:

Match qualified interns with SMEs
Deliver business and

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Canadian Government Funding Process – MITACS Enterprise

At the moment, one of our most popular government funding programs regarding the hiring of new talent is the MITACS Enterprise Program. This is a 6-month internship program that would give post-secondary graduates or Masters students/graduates in the science, technical, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines a chance to gain valuable

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