More Funding for Hiring Science and Tech Grads – MITACS Enterprise

The MITACS Enterprise Program, the grant for hiring graduates, has recently received a generous contribution of $4,227,500 from the Canadian Government. These funds will be distributed to Canadian SMEs who are looking to hire a recent graduate in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This program is one of several Business Grants for Hiring Interns that the Canadian Government is offering to create jobs and support economic growth.

Overview of Canadian Business Funding Programs for Hiring

The MITACS Enterprise Program is one of the more popular Ontario Business Grants for Recruiting Graduates. The program provides up to $15K in grant funding per graudate in Canadian Government Funding or 50% salary contribution for one or more graduates during a 6-month internship position. Participating companies are responsible for providing mentorship opportunities that will further develop the candidates’ real world experience in their respective fields of study. Please visit our blog on the MITACS Enterprise Funding Process for more information on the program.

Hiring Graduates through Canadian Small Business Funding Grants

Businesses who are interested in strengthening their workforce through one of the Canadian Government Grants for Hiring can contact one of our Canadian Government Funding Experts for additional advice and information on the subject. Companies can also receive updates on Human Resources and Training Programs for Small Businesses or other Business Tools for Expansion by signing up for our Weekly E-Newsletter.


  1. I have recently applied for a grant in canada to start my business and now am trying to learn to write my first business plan for the funding. as of now my business is semi operational as you can see from viewing my website that my business is computer repair Victoria BC. I also offer remote support services… etc… my question is kind of open ended… i have a high level of competance in my field, but not enough business know how, it seems, to write my business plan. since i dont have $2900 to get a firm to write it for me, i am thinking about trying to find a partner about to brad from a business program and can write the plan for us. do you think that is the right move? do you have any suggestions? what business courses should my prospective partner have?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jonathan. Yes, hiring a recent graduate to write a business plan is a great use of the funding resources that the Government of Canada provides to small businesses. If the business plan has an online focus, consider the 12-week, $10K (or 75%) wage subsidy known as the Small Business Internship Program (SBIP). If you prefer a longer internship, ICTC Career Focus covers $10K (or 65%) of a business or IT graduate’s salary for 4-12 months. There are many hiring mechanisms available to Canadian small businesses – please feel free to browse additional funding for hiring on our Human Resources & Training Page.

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