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Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative: $800k for XCO Tech Inc.

XCO Tech Inc. is a technology company in Penticton, British Columbia, focused on improving athletic performance, injury assessment, chronic disease management, and concussion recovery using digital biomarkers. The organization has recently received research and development funding to launch their new sport performance training system and precision medicine products.
XCO Tech Inc.

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Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative: $21M for Alberta Businesses

As the technology landscape constantly evolves, new and upcoming innovations in sectors such as cleantech, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and agriculture are increasing at a rapid place. In order to remain globally competitive, Canada is continuing to invest in businesses to help advance their technologies and get them to market. To

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Western Innovation Initiative: Product Development Funding

Moving new and innovative technologies from research and development to the marketplace is not an easy process. Along the way, innovators need to formalize a commercialization strategy – requiring significant capital and human resource expenses. Yet for many Western Canadian businesses, pre-commercialization funding gaps are the main cause for products

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$425k in Canadian Government Funding Supports AgriTech Development

The Government of Canada is investing in agricultural technologies that increase farming productivity. As recently announced by the Canadian federal government, up to $425,000 in repayable government funding has been committed through the Western Innovation Initiative (WINN). This funding will assist a British Columbian technology developer to create a system

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Western Innovation Initiative (WINN) Canadian Tech Development Funding

Created in 2013, the five-year Western Innovation Initiative (WINN) will invest up to $100 million towards late-stage research and development projects conducted by businesses in western Canada. By commercializing new innovative products and processes, small and mid-sized businesses across western Canada will be able to expand and support employment opportunities.


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How to Leverage WINN Funding to Bring Innovative Products and Processes to Market

In autumn 2013, the Federal Government launched a five-year, $100 million western Canada funding program called the Western Innovative Initiative (WINN). This business funding initiative supports small and medium-sized businesses in western Canada who are dedicated to commercialize innovative, technology-based products, processes, and services while enabling company growth. The WINN

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