$425k in Canadian Government Funding Supports AgriTech Development

$425K Investment Enhances Agriculture Technology

The Government of Canada is investing in agricultural technologies that increase farming productivity. As recently announced by the Canadian federal government, up to $425,000 in repayable government funding has been committed through the Western Innovation Initiative (WINN). This funding will assist a British Columbian technology developer to create a system that will help farmers reduce costs.

Government funding recipients, Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies Ltd., develops innovative agricultural technologies for 21st-century farmers. Products such as their CX-6 SMART Seeder can till, plant seed, and disperse pesticides at vastly accelerated speeds to improve farm profitability.

Up to $425,000 in Canadian government funding will be used to continue the development of patented system technologies and move the technology through its commercialization phase.

Agriculture Technology Investment Will Improve Farming Capabilities

Clean Seed’s newest technology, the CX-6 SMART Seeder, is considered the world’s most innovative no-till seeding system. The SMART Seeder will enable farmers to incorporate soil maps and up to six unique products into their spreading processes, delivering unique nutrition and care for a variety of soil conditions.

Using patented technology, the CX-6 SMART Seeder will improve application control by reducing over-application of pesticides and fertilizers.

$425,000 in Canadian government funding through the Western Innovation Initiative will allow Clean Seed to enhance the CX-6 SMART Seeder’s current capabilities and commercialize it on a large-scale.

“The Government of Canada’s investment in companies like Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies Ltd will generate growth in Western Canada and provide jobs for skilled workers.”
– Honourable Navdeep Bains, Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Canadian Government Funding for Technology Research and Development

The Government of Canada promotes agriculture and agri-food industry competitiveness by offering small business grants and loans. Canadian government funding supports business investments and helps lead to the development of innovative solutions.

Although Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies Ltd. was able to access WINN funding for their technology development project, please consider your full range of research grants and loans, including:

Western Innovation Initiative Small Business Loans

The Western Innovation Initiative (WINN) supports small and mid-sized business developing innovative products and processes. Repayable funding allows manufacturers to accelerate technology-based product development, while also reducing the amount of time it takes to reach the marketplace. Funding assists businesses across western Canada that focus on commercialization to grow and support new employment opportunities.

Eligible projects may receive up to 50% of related project expenses to a maximum of $3.5 million in repayable funding per project.

Please Note: At the time of this article’s posting, the Western Innovation Initiative program’s application intake is currently closed.

IRAP Accelerated Review Process (ARP) Grants

The IRAP Accelerated Review Process (ARP) program supports innovative research and development projects that lead to product and process improvements. IRAP grants support businesses to solve internal technical challenges, improve productivity, and improve return-on-investment (ROI) by reducing labour expenses.

Eligible projects may receive up to 80% of direct labour costs and up to 50% of third-party labour costs to a maximum contribution of $50,000 in Canadian research grants.

IRAP Mid-Size Projects Grants

Similarly, the IRAP Mid-Size Projects stream supports research projects that produce innovative technology breakthroughs. Mid-size projects are significantly larger in scale and should result in a market-ready product or process that has substantial profit-generating potential.

Eligible research projects may receive up to 65-80% of labour costs to a maximum contribution of $500,000.

Accelerate Technology Research Projects with Small Business Funding

Small and mid-sized businesses can accelerate technology development projects by accessing government grants and loans. Canadian government funding is available to help companies bring innovative ideas to the market more quickly, and this is an essential factor in the success of technology R&D projects.

Canadian manufacturers can determine their Canadian government funding potential by downloading Mentor Works’ Project Funding Calculator.

Canadian Government Grants and Loans for Small Business

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